Fabulous fall foliage on Starhill’s own fastigiate oaks, ‘Chimney Fire’ in rusty red in the foreground and ‘Birthday Candle’ behind, with its typical warm orange.

More than two dozen cultivars introduced by Starhill Forest are now available in limited supply!

In the US, Forrest Keeling Nursery maintains the rights to our selections and offers them on site in Elsbury, Missouri as well as via sublicensed growers elsewhere.

In Europe, Pavia Nursery propagates Starhill Forest’s cultivars.

Acer miyabei  ‘Butterball’  ‘Butterball’ Miyabe maple
Aesculus glabra  ‘April Wine’  ‘April Wine’ Ohio buckeye
Fagus ×taurica (syn. ×moesiaca)  ‘Prince of Darkness’  ‘Prince of Darkness’ Hybrid beech
Maclura pomifera  “Beta”  “Beta” Osage-orange
Maclura pomifera  ‘Cannonball’  ‘Cannonball’ Osage-orange
Maclura pomifera  ‘Lincoln’s Oak Ridge’  ‘Lincoln’s Oak Ridge’ Osage-orange
Maclura pomifera  ‘Turner Titan’  ‘Turner Titan’ Osage-orange
Magnolia poly-hybrid  ‘Ledvina’s Largess’  ‘Ledvina’s Largess’ Hybrid magnolia
Morus alba × rubra  ‘Lincoln Trail’  ‘Lincoln Trail’ Hybrid mulberry
Pinus strobus  ‘Phoenix’  ‘Phoenix’ Dwarf white pine
Platanus ×acerifolia  ‘Old Bones’  ‘Old Bones’ London plane tree
Quercus ×bebbiana  ‘Taco’  ‘Taco’ Bebb oak
Quercus ×deamii  ‘Champion Seedless’  ‘Champion Seedless’ Deam oak
Quercus ×guadalupensis  ‘Crimson Cross’  ‘Crimson Cross’ Hybrid oak
Quercus ×rosacea  ‘Fire Cracker’  ‘Fire Cracker’ Firecracker oak
Quercus ×saulii  ‘Montalba’  ‘Montalba’ Saul oak
Quercus ×warei  ‘Windcandle’  ‘Windcandle’ Ware’s oak
Quercus ×warei × alba  ‘Birthday Candle’  ‘Birthday Candle’ Hybrid oak
Quercus ×warei × alba  ‘Chimney Fire’  ‘Chimney Fire’ Hybrid oak
Quercus alba  ‘Brush Creek’  ‘Brush Creek’ White oak
Quercus alba  ‘Gatton Grave’  ‘Gatton Grave’ White oak
Quercus alba  ‘Pathfinder’  ‘Pathfinder’ White oak
Quercus macrocarpa  ‘Big John’  ‘Big John’ Bur oak
Quercus macrocarpa  ‘Rough Rider’  ‘Rough Rider’ Bur oak
Quercus nigra × coccinea  ‘Fire Water’  ‘Fire Water’ Hybrid oak
Quercus nuttallii (syn. texana) × Q. palustris  ‘New Madrid’  ‘New Madrid’ Hybrid oak
Quercus stellata  ‘Double Cross’  ‘Double Cross’ Post oak
Quercus velutina  ‘Oak Ridge Walker’  ‘Oak Ridge Walker’ Black oak